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Grundfos SCALA1 5-55 Home Water Pressure Booster Pump

Grundfos SCALA1 5-55 Home Water Pressure Booster Pump

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Grundfos Booster Water Pump
If you want the best comfort in your home, the obvious choice in water solutions is Grundfos. Our range of premium products will provide you with perfect water pressure all over the house or allow you to install a second bathroom anywhere in the house.

A water pump is a gadget that moves water, or here and there slurries, by mechanical activity. Water pump can be characterized into three noteworthy gatherings as indicated by the strategy they use to move the liquid: direct lift, relocation, and gravity water pump.

Water pump work by some component (regularly responding or rotational), and devour vitality to perform mechanical work moving the water. Pump work by means of numerous vitality sources, including manual activity, power, motors, or wind control, come in numerous sizes, from minuscule for use in therapeutic applications to extensive modern water pump.

Product name: SCALA1 5-55
The Grundfos SCALA1 is a self-priming, multistage pump, that incorporates all the components of a pressure booster into a compact composite enclosure.

As it is self-priming, the SCALA1 can pump water from a level below the pump. Provided it is filled with water, the pump can lift water from a depth of 8 m in less than 5 minutes. This facilitates easy installation and start-up of the pump and provides more reliable water supply in installations where there is a risk of dry running and leakages in suction hose or pipes.

SCALA1 can communicate with Grundfos GO app via built in Bluetooth, which enables detailed pump monitoring and high customization options, making this pump a good fit for every application.

SCALA1 incorporates advanced protection features such as:
Dry running protection that will automatically stop the pump in case of water shortage
Cycling protection which will prevent pump starting frequently in case of minor leakages in installation
Max runtime protection can stop the pump after a desired period of continuous operation, preventing potential damage due flooding in case of pipe breakages.
The pump has a built-in motor protection that will stop the pump if exposed to excessive temperature due to high ambient temperature, in case of seizure or overload, thus preventing a motor burnout.

Suitable for
Commercial water pressure boosting
Domestic ground water intake
Domestic water pressure boosting
Domestic rainwater harvesting
The Grundfos SCALA1 is a fully integrated, all-in-one, self-priming, compact waterworks designed for pressure boosting in domestic and light-commercial applications, such as garden irrigation or pressure boosting to one and two family houses and apartments.

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