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BOSCH GSB 10 RE Impact Drill Professional - 06012161L6 WILDA MACHINERY

BOSCH GSB 10 RE Impact Drill Professional - 06012161L6 WILDA MACHINERY

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100% Brand new and High quality
Robust and powerful 500W motor.
Extremely compact for working in tight spaces and overhead.
Low weight of only 1.5kg for fatigue-freeworking.​
Compact power. The most compact and powerful impact drill in its class
Forward/reverse rotation
Electronic control for exact pilot drilling
Rotating brush plate for constant power in reverse and forward rotation
Higher dynamic load rated ball bearing for long life
Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
The forward/reverse mode in the GSB 10 RE allows for easy and quick shifting between clockwise and anticlockwise directions based on the job you are working on. This switch can be found at the bottom centre of the drill.
Easily manage the size of the pilot hole you are drilling using the efficient electronic control technology which helps you guide the drill with precision and exactness.
Use of the rotating brush plate. The forward function helps you insert and remove nails, screws and bolts through its ability to shift modes with the click of a button. With the rotating brush plate, you can move back and forth between forward and reverse modes while screwdriving, facilitating an easy rotary action.
The impact drill comes with a very convenient switch which locks the speed you are working on to ensure a consistent drilling experience, especially for beginners. This small black switch positioned on the left surface of the impact drill, just needs to be clicked once in order to lock the speed of drilling, a feature that is very helpful when you desire a constant speed while working on projects.
Easy to use handle for comfortable use. Designed to sit comfortably in your hand, the GSB 10 RE gives you the freedom to work conveniently and stress-free anytime, anywhere.
Powerful motor. The size of this high impact drill doesn’t showcase its immense motor power. With 450 watts of power running through its body, it can generate sufficient energy to garner a hammering action of not less than 41,600 blows per minute,thus making it not only convenient, but mighty powerful.
Lightweight and compact. An extremely compact machine, the 450 RE is the best bet to get the job done in small, space crunched areas. It also comes with a speed control option where once your working speed is locked, no extra effort needs to be put for a consistent output.
Portability. It is easy to carry, light in weight and comes in a box. Being highly portable and packaged in a neat suitcase, you can expect a stress-free experience while working with this drill.​


Brand: Bosch
Code: 0 601 216 1L6 - 805
Power Input: 500W
In Masonry: 10mm
In Steel: 8mm
In Wood: 20mm
No-load Speed: 0-2.600rpm
Voltage: 240 V
Frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 1.5Kg​
Warranty 6 Month

Package Includes:

​1 x Bosch Impact Drill Set GSB10RE Professional w/ accessories
1 x Handle
1 x Utility Knife
1 x Tape Measure
1 x Screw Driver Bit Holder
1 x Hammer
1 x Combination Plier
1 x Adjustable Wrench
5 x Metal Drill Bit 2
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