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Wilda Machinery

BOSCH Easy GrassCut 23 - 06008C1H70 WILDA MACHINERY

BOSCH Easy GrassCut 23 - 06008C1H70 WILDA MACHINERY

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- The trimmer’s balanced and lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuvre and reduced fatigue during extended use
- The semi-auto spool feeds the line at every trigger release, eliminating the need to manually adjust the spool or bumping the head. This ensures an optimal cutting line length for uninterrupted and worry-free trimming
- The trimmer is fast and easy to assemble
- A high-quality finish, combined with a powerful motor and a durable cutting line, ensures ideal performance and lifetime
- Ideal for cutting grass and weeds, lawn trimming, and garden edging
- Lightweight and balanced design ideal for easy and comfortable handling
- Hassle-free, semi-auto spool eliminates the need for manual adjustments
- High-quality finish, powerful motor, and strong, durable line for ideal results


- Manufacturer: Bosch
- Part number: 06008C1H70
- Product dimensions: 79cm x 26.3cm x 90.2cm
- Warranty: 6months

Package Includes:

- 1 x BOSCH Easy GrassCut 23
- 1 x 1.6mm spool
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